Randall has over 15 years of professional experience working closely on supporting LGBTQ youth and survivors as a consultant, including helping:

  • write new or helping revamp existing policies and procedures.
  • provide training and technical assistance.
  • create new LGBTQ programs and organize youth spaces.
  • assist educators and providers on using an individualized gender affirming plan (IGAP) to support clients who are transgender, gender non-conforming or in the process of transitioning.
  • facilitate drop-in groups and youth workshops.
  • connecting other educators and providers with each other for shared best-practices and implementation on supporting LGBTQ clients.


To schedule a training or workshop, please contact Randall with the types of training you are seeking and the specific dates and times requested for professional development.  

All of these professional development trainings have been offered at a variety of school districts, agencies and regional and national conferences.

These trainings may be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Randall Jenson is a queer, multiracial artist of color and the Creator and Director of SocialScope Productions, a LGBTQ documentary company focused on LGBTQ and intersectional multimedia projects. He created the 50Faggots series, which documents the lives of self­ identified effeminate gay men in the U.S. In 2015, Randall was appointed as the lead advocate to help loved ones and their communities cope and heal from 3 LGBTQ homicides in Kansas City. He recently received a grant to fund the first Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Leadership Summit in Kansas City in July 2016, centered on the experiences and strengths of TGNC youth and TGNC people of color. Randall previously worked as the Manager of Youth Services for the Kansas City Anti­ Violence Project, providing multi-state advocacy directly to LGBTQ youth affected by trauma and violence, as well as the LGBTQ Youth Advocate at Safe Connections in St. Louis, helping build the first regional LGBTQ youth anti­ violence program. He has received national awards for his 15 years of leadership and work with young people and homeless and vulnerable youth, racial justice advocacy, addressing the juvenile legal system and media’s impact on queer lives. Randall was a featured speaker at the National ACLU Membership Conference in Washington D.C., on The Oprah Show, and awarded the “Youth Impact Award” by the National Youth Advocacy Coalition.

Training Topics

Creating Safer Schools and Inclusive Climates: This initial training provides educators and providers with the opportunity to ask questions, learn about the diversity of LGBTQ identities and empathize with the specific experiences LGBTQ youth face in schools. This training focuses on basic myth busting, physical and verbal bullying and harassment, empowering all students as allies, the incentives of being a proactive vs. a reactive school, best practices for educators and important district policies that help keep every student safe.

Advocating for LGBTQ Youth Affected by Violence and Trauma: Educators and providers explore the intersections between LGBTQ youth oppression and the types of trauma queer youth face outside of traditional school settings. Participants will learn about complementary frameworks of anti-violence advocacy that focus on anti-oppression, harm reduction and trauma informed care. This training explores and shares effective approaches and safety-planning strategies for advocacy with different types of LGBTQ youth that may be at-risk, runaway and/or homeless.

Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth (TGNC): Educators and providers will learn about the unique experiences of TGNC youth. Participants are provided the foundation for understanding transgender terminology and the spectrum of gender identity. Participants will explore how the privileges, opportunities and challenges of traditional gender roles, cultural expectations and individual presentations affect youth and adults . Participants will engage in TGNC youth case scenarios and learn specific best practices tips to be more effective advocates and allies to all youth.

Understanding LGBTQ Youth Sex Trafficking and Harm-Reduction Intervention: This workshop was originally organized by the Coalition Against Youth Sexual Exploitation (CAYSE) in St. Louis. Educators and providers will explore the complexities surrounding the alarming rates of homeless LGBTQ youth and those that engage in sex work, regardless of personal choice or coercion.Participants who attend this workshop will gain valuable insight surrounding the lives of at-risk LGBTQ youth prior to homelessness. Participants may further understand the intersections of sexuality, gender identity, trafficking and the vulnerabilities facing LGBTQ youth. The workshop will focus on the issues relating to choice and trafficking and offer service provider’s insights to the realities of queer youth living on the streets once they have been engaged in sex work or been trafficked.

Working to End Violence Against Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) People of Color: Educators and providers will imagine what a national anti-violence movement could look like if it’s re-shifted to focus to center on the experiences of TGNC people of color, who are facing staggering levels of violence and extreme marginalization in the United States. Participants will identify the limited options available for TGNC people of color surrounding justice and healing, including the narrow application of prosecuting perpetrators under the national Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Further, participants may discuss unique approaches to homicide bereavement, community healing and hate crimes advocacy, including recreating traditional advocacy approaches through transformative justice and prison abolition frameworks. Finally, participants will gain insight on how TGNC people of color create new options for justice, accountability and healing, including innovative TGNC-poc led campaigns and initiatives across the country.

Queering Violence: Conversations about IPV, Sexual Violence and Trauma in LGBTQ Communities: This interactive, award­-winning workshop from SocialScope Productions uses multimedia clips from individual lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) and HIV+ survivors  in order to examine the complex ways intimate partner violence, sexual violence and trauma affect LGBTQ survivors and communities. This workshop allows participants to reflect on clips from survivors, that serve as case­-scenarios and process in both large and small group facilitated discussions. Participants will share any potential advocacy experiences and approaches when working on anti­-violence issues and learn about the unique experiences of LGBTQ and HIV+ survivors and the intricate ways identities intersect with an individual’s experience coping with trauma, violence and neglect. Participants will increase their ability to effectively advocate and understand different transformative healing options for survivors. Participants will focus on the invisibility and silencing many survivors face within mainstream anti-­violence movements and help participants discuss ways to empower, heal and advocate for LGBTQ survivors in our own communities.

Workshop Formats

Randall encourages educators and providers to also use interactive, direct application, such as case scenarios and best practices teaching sessions, which may be able to be incorporated into these trainings or taught as separate professional development workshops for additional cost. As a facilitator, Randall often use a combination of lecture, large group processing and small group discussion and multimedia clips to allow participants to hear directly from LGBTQ youth and LGBTQ survivors.

Consulting Rates

Small Project Implementation

(up to 50 hours of consulting, training or focus and coordination on 1-2 programs or departments within your agency)

$70-75 hour

Medium Project Implementation

(up to 100 hours of consulting, focus on all agency programs, including any staff trainings and ongoing professional development that is necessary)

$65-70 hour

Large Project Implementation

(over 100 hours of consulting, focus on areas and needs within your agency, including training & technical assistance, policy revisions, best practices, opportunities for staff retreat and mentorship models built into new project implementation for direct line of contact to key providers, advocates and directors of LGBTQ agencies focusing on new approaches to supporting LGBTQ clients)

$50-55 hour


Though currently working out of Kansas City, MO, Randall is available to speak at events around the country. He has spoken at a variety of universities and conferences including his alma mater, DePaul University, and MBLGTACC 2014.

Keynotes and Featured Solo Presentations have included:

· Queering Violence: Conversations about IPV, Sexual Violence, and Trauma in LGBTQ Communities (2013-2016)

·Advocating for LGBTQ Youth Affected by Violence and Trauma (2013-2015)

·Filming 50Faggots: Challenging Misogyny and Celebrating Resiliency in our Queer Communities (2010-2012)

·The Catch-22 of Missouri’s Juvenile Justice System & LGBTQ Youth (2001, 2003)


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Randall also enjoys assisting others in their professional development. For consultation rates, please contact Randall on the following page.