As a passionate artist, Randall has served as a filmmaker, writer, and a makeup artist. Currently functioning as the director of SocialScope Productions, Randall has overseen the development of several artistic projects including 50Faggots, “A Gay In The Life,” and Memories of Violence.

“50Faggots… provides a project that is a valuable resource to queer communities and a welcome update for gender studies teachers who are eager to update the slot on our syllabi that Paris Is Burning has been filling for far too long. With discussions ranging from voguing and ball culture, to racism and class, to the potentiality and problems of queer memory and oral history, the film conveys with humor and sensitivity the sometimes heart-breaking realities of his subjects’ lives, which include homophobia, harassment, violence and sexual assault as well as rejection by the masculinity-obsessed “mainstream” gay community. Despite the subject matter, the film is ultimately celebratory and revels in the promise of faggotry – in all its profane glory – to truly challenge homonormativity.” —Dr. Gregory Mitchell, Association for Queer Anthropology and Assistant Professor at Williams College in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies