Randall Jenson is a queer, multiracial artist of color and the Creator and Director of SocialScope Productions, a LGBTQ documentary company focused on LGBTQ and intersectional multimedia projects. He created the 50Faggots series, which documents the lives of self­ identified effeminate gay men in the U.S. In 2015, Randall was appointed as the lead advocate to help loved ones and their communities cope and heal from 3 LGBTQ homicides in Kansas City. He previously worked as the Manager of Youth Services for the Kansas City Anti­ Violence Project, providing multi-state advocacy directly to LGBTQ youth affected by trauma and violence, as well as the LGBTQ Youth Advocate at Safe Connections in St. Louis, helping build the first regional LGBTQ youth anti­ violence program. Randall has received national awards for his 15 years of leadership and work with young people and homeless and vulnerable youth, racial justice advocacy, addressing the juvenile legal system and media’s impact on queer lives. He was a featured speaker at the National ACLU Membership Conference in Washington D.C., on The Oprah Show, and awarded the “Youth Impact Award” by the National Youth Advocacy Coalition.


As a passionate artist, Randall has served as a filmmaker, writer, and a makeup artist. Currently functioning as the director of SocialScope Productions, Randall has overseen the development of several artistic projects including 50Faggots, “A Gay In The Life,” and Memories of Violence.



“October 31,2014 was absolutely the worst day of my life! My son Dionte R.Greene was murdered, yet I was introduced to a man who I know was sent from God! Randall came in and was determined, like myself, that justice would be served for my son. Days turned into weeks, which turned into months, without answers to my many questions. Randall never left my side. He assured me with he would not quit and use everything in him to make sure my son’s case would not go unsolved!

With his media advocacy, Randall kept the case in the spotlight from radio coverage to national newspapers and, most of all, with the FBI. I know for a fact that without Randall’s help and staying on top of law enforcement, that the two suspects arrested for Dionte’s murder would not have occurred. I’m so grateful and words can’t express the joy and love I have for Randall Jenson.” —Coshelle Greene, mother of Dionte R. Greene, murdered October 31, 2014


Youth Organizer

“Randall is the best advocate and friend that a girl could ask for. He has been by our side since I can remember, getting to be the girl that I am. I feel so lucky that he is ‘my’ advocate. My favorite thing about him is that he is really nice to me, and he does a lot to help people.” -Mazy GilleylenYouth client and 10 year old transgender girl (St. Louis, MO)


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